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Will power connection to passion.8 Tips to increase will power?

Will Power connection to passion index:

  • What is Will power?
  • Inspiration Sources
  • Understanding the concept of will Power and its connection to passion.
  • What is passion and how to find our passion for life?
  • 8 powerful tips to increase will power.

What is Will power?   

  • When you are able to control your actions and reactions as per your own way. 
  • You are stubborn to achieve your goals  
  • Your environment does not affect you and you handle hard times easily  
  • When your physical body is exhausted. Your subconscious mind is constantly avoiding the situation. Still you do it, because that is the right thing to do. 
  • “Will” is the ability to make conscious choice and “power” is strength 


will” is when we are able to work as per our conscious mind which is difficult as per our subconscious mind.  

We can use various strategies from the world to pursue our goals. But if we do not have the willpower we will quit in between. We will be afraid and will not be able to completely achieve our goals. 


All the people who have failed many times but in the end succeeded had greater will power. Those who inspire us are the ones who never quit. After a certain period of time nobody remembers how many times they failed. You just need one lucky day, that one moment in your life. However the effort is lifetime.

Bill gates – His cpmpany Traf-O-Data started with Paul Allen had to shut down after incurring a huge loss of $3494. He did not give up. This failure gave him a valuable learning experience which he took along to create Microsoft and made it the best.  

Walt Disney – was told by his editor that he lacked imagination and had no good ideas but later he became animator, voice actor,  film producer, founder of the Walt Disney Company. 

Opera was fired from her first job as a TV anchor in Baltimore and her current worth is estimated $3 billion 

Modi ji had an adventurous journey from chaiwala to the Indian Prime Minister and inspiring the entire world.

Amitabh Bachchan was rejected many times during the early phase of his life. He was rejected as a radio jockey because of his voice, he was rejected in the film industry because of his height but now his voice, is height, his looks are the USB and people want to be like him. 

Will Power connection to passion

“Will” is related to how strong your “ambition” and “desire” to achieve a particular thing is.  

So before thinking  how to increase willpower we need to understand “What is our passion? and how to find it?”

Passion is a feeling that we are interested in doing something and we enjoy doing that again and again .  

If we do not have interest or passion in whatever job or business we do; then it will always conflict with our will power. Re-read please.

Our subconscious mind will always poke us “I am not enjoying what you are doing”. It will have to fight and suffer the hardships to grow in that field. 

Whereas if we follow our passion and do what work makes us happy; there will be no conflict between what we have to do and what we want to do. Our mind, body and soul will have one direction. 

To increase our will power first we have to find our passion. Further it will direct us to the purpose of our life, the work that we are made for. 

Those people are lucky who are interested in doing something from childhood. They know what they want to become or do in future, what they will enjoy and love doing it their entire life.  

But there are many who don’t even know their passion and what they are good at. 

will power connection to passion and 8 tips to increase will power
Will power supports your passion and leads to dream fulfillment.

How to find our passion or interest? 

Lets say I am a student. One day I think I can be a teacher in my future because I like to teach ,share knowledge. I feel good while explaining concepts to others.  

The next day while explaining a concept to a friend, I got irritated by the questions asked by him. I thought that “teaching is a tough job, I can’t handle silly questions”. Immediately my emotion towards the teaching profession got confused. 

We have been in such a situation where we feel interested in doing something one day and the other day we lose interest in it. 

In both the above situations  we think and we feel. Vice versa We get reactions from the environment, then feel and then we think. So this entire secret game lies between what we think and feel for a job. Its up to us, If we become aware of our self and the world ; we can control and win this game otherwise we are just a character in the game, played by someone else. 

“If we do not pursue our passion we will work as per someone else’s and make their dream come true.” 

To find our passion we need to make a list of questions that we should ask our self and repeat after a regular interval of time. What we need is clear answers from ourselves. Please make a diary of your questions and the answers you get within the course of time.

  • Q 1. What is that job that makes you happy?  
  • Q 2. What is the job which engages you completely and you do not lose focus in it? 
  • Q 3. What is that work in which you can invest your entire life? 
  • Q 4. What gives you a feeling of self satisfaction? 
  • Q 5. what is that objective or goal in your life which you want to accomplish from the bottom of your heart and you can become crazy or insane to achieve it? 

And then we need to match all of the above with OUR reality, our truth 

Then ASK Yourself- what is actual talent or USB which is different from others or we have more than others  

For example if I really like to sing and want to be a singer. I feel passionate about it but the reality is that my voice is not good , then how will I succeed in this career.  

8 tips to increase your will power

1.Find your passion and invest regular time in it. 

2. Practice Will Power till it becomes your habit – Will Power is also like a habit. Lets say yesterday you were not able to quit smoke but today you lowered it to 1 per day from 5 per day. The next day you did not smoke. So you are practicing the same habit to stop smoking and you are increasing your will power every day. The day you will quit it completely you will be proud to say that you have a strong will power. You will feel proud of yourself which will further make you apply will power to more areas of life. 

3. Meditation and Yoga – everyday while meditating ask from the divine force to make you more strong and focused in life. Meditation and Yoga are 2 spiritually connecting mental exercises which heals us from within , balances our emotions, helps our mental energy flow in the right direction automatically increasing our Will power.  

4. Stop Procrastination and just start doing the work so that we think less and do more.  

5. Have long term goals – All the good habits in life are not developed in a single day, it takes dedication, discipline and time. So give yourself time to develop will power to do something. In the above example if I smoke 20 cigs a day , my goal for the next day should be 18 not 1 because lowering from 20 to 18 is attainable but coming to 1 makes us feel impossible. 

6. Give importance to the journey rather than the destination because it is the journey which gives you learning and different experience but once you reach your destination , once the feeling is accomplished ; you want to do more or something else. For example you have quit smoking today and today you are feeling very proud of it. Will you feel proud of the same thing after 1 year? Rather you will forget and move on in your life with a good memory attached to it and a story to tell everyone. We should focus on doing small things daily to achieve bigger goals in life because we will always have willpower for small things rather than big ones. 

7. Have plan B or a different field of passion – In the first point we discussed that we need to find our talent and follow our passion. This point states that have a plan B in life or more than 1 passion. Why? It may sound a little contradicting but nowadays life is fast, technology is changing on a daily basis, taste and preferences of customers is changing and becoming random.

To gear up for the future market, we need to be flexible and have back up plans. For example – BlackBerry’s BBM came in the market with the bang but it eventually got failed when WhatsApp came in. In fact it made all the messengers down. sometimes we accumulate all the will power to make something very creative but it me go down in life. However if we have a plan B; It act as a support system which does not let us fall. It helps our affected ego, to not weaken our will power and to work on something else. 

8. Know your SWOT – Will power is sometimes shaken and weakened by our weakness and threats. We all must have done SWOT analysis for ourselves. We need to focus on our strengths and  embrace them and keep on working to reduce or diminish our weaknesses. For Example – one person has a passion to make travel videos of different places in the world but his  English is very poor. Due to poor English he is not able to communicate with confidence. Now he does not have to create a habit of communicating his own way and just start traveling. First he needs to understand his weakness, create will power in learning English completely with dedication and then make good quality travel videos. 

If you want to learn how to make a powerful Self SWOT , you can read the following article – SWOT for Self Awareness and Truth

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